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Martín was born in Rosario, Argentina. After a long career as a professional swimmer he started to dance tango. 


At 21 he started his studies with tango teacher Victoria Colossio. Later he continued with Rodolfo Ruiz Díaz and Alicia Pasquinelli and then with Marcelo Solís and Yanina. In 1995 he met the Maestro Orlando Paiva with whom he pursued his thorough and intense training. In 1997 he started to teach with Maestro Orlando Paiva.


Martin has taught and performed in many cities such as Santiago de Chile, Paris, Geneva, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, etc. In 2001 and 2002 he was invited to dance and teach in the II and III International Tango Congress in Las Vegas, USA. In 2005 he participated in the IV Carlos Gardel Festival in Hollywood, California. 


Born and raised in mainland China, Alyssa came to the United Sates in 1991. She has a rich background in a variety of dances including Chinese cultural dance, ballroom, Latin & modern dance. She also participated in many shows, festivals and competitions.


In March 2004, Alyssa began her professional training in tango. In 2005 she has performed in the IV Carlos Gardel Tango Festival. She has also performed in various milongas in California. 


Currently she teaches and dances with Martín, and still mesmerized by the beauty and essence of tango.

Since February 2005 he has been teaching and dancing with Alyssa.

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